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Leading Airport Terminal uses Flow Meters to Monitor Energy Usage

Managing the energy costs of one of the UK’s busiest airport terminals is no small task. Discovering a way to measure the efficiency of  the energy centre was the aim.  Leaving us to search for accurate, reliable and adaptable technologies to connect wirelessly to our clients cloud based system and enable our flow meters to monitor energy usage.

The objective was clear:

To find an established supplier to deliver high quality precision engineered instruments. Someone with a solid reputation for providing complete solutions that could be tailored specifically to the individual requirements of the project.

Due to Icenta’s extensive product knowledge and experience at delivering complex flow solutions, we were approached to supply the following:

Flow Meters monitor energy usage

These products would be vital in providing the energy consumption data for measuring water, mains water, tower usage and waste water at the energy centre. The location of each instrument was to prove critical in delivering everything our client required. A full risk assessment was conducted before starting the installation.

Are you looking for a flow meter for your application?

We would be happy to assist you with selection of the correct flow meter for your applications. Not only do we assist you with the correct Flow meter but we manufacture and calibrate all our flow meters in house. We look forward to hearing from you.

Flow Meters to monitor energy usage

Flow Meters to monitor energy usage

On Site Activities:

On arrival at the energy centre, the iCenta engineers began to position and fit the instruments. With some difficult to reach areas and pipes with access restrictions this was not a straightforward task. The instruments; a series of insertion and inline meters, non-contact meters and totalisers were installed using a number of different access methods, including ladders and even cherry pickers.

Meanwhile the meters were manufactured and prepared at the iCenta Controls facility in Salisbury.  Finally, a series of pre-installation checks were conducted to ensure they were configured to our clients’ wireless system.

Once installed the instruments form a complex network of measurement devices that report on the operational efficiencies of the terminal’s energy centre. This provide a bench mark in helping reduce energy consumption and meeting EU co² targets. (details of theses targets can be found here )