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Metri LTM Turbine Flow Meter for Fuel Monitoring

How the Metri LTM Turbine Flow Meter is being used:

A British fuel quality specialist recently commissioned iCenta Controls to provide a Metri turbine flow meter for a project. This was to monitor and deliver detergent type fuel additives to bus and train depots around the UK. The first part of the project was to install fuel additive dosing systems. To determine that the dosing systems are working accurately, diesel is pumped through the pipes using a turbine flow meter. Comparisons made between the fuel throughput vs the quantity of additive provide an accurate dosing ratio. This was then used to manage adjustments to prevent under or over-dosing.

iCenta supplied a fuel flow monitoring and pump package that included a Metri Measurements IC-LTM Turbine flow meter, a Fluidwell F012 field mount display and a pump.

The complete solution provided a trolley for 3″ DN80 pipework:

Turbine Flow Meter Fuel Monitoring

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The portability of the solution was critical. The flow meter is required to be transported to different locations to monitor and calibrate the injection ratios accordingly. The result is accurate fuel additive dosages being applied and maintained.

The Metri turbine flow meter and pump package was fitted to 3″ pipes using a BSP threaded fitting. At 3″ the LTM turbine flow meter is one of the larger turbine meters in the Metri range.

About the IC-LTM Metri Turbine Flow Meter:

The LTM Metri Turbine Flow Meter range spans from DN15 (½”) up to DN150 (6″) pipe sizes with a flow range of 1.8 – 20 l/min up to 55 – 550 m³/hr. It provides highly accurate measurement with excellent linearity and repeatability for low to medium viscosity liquids, making it the perfect flow meter for the fuel quality specialist.

Metri Measurements have just announced that the product range has been further expanded with the addition of a new 3″ BSP threaded version.

The IC-LTM Metri turbine flow meter has a robust mechanical design that ensures it can be used in extreme pressures of 1400 bar and over, at a wide range of operating temperatures from -200°C up to +350°C. With a choice of rotor machines and bearing materials available to suit any liquid or application; water, chemicals, hydrocarbons, mineral oils, alcohol, fuel and oil. The IC-LTM Metri turbine flow meter is compatible with a range of instruments and displays for compact or remote installation, making it a truly versatile customisable flow meter solution.