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Display Flow Meters

A flow meter display is a device that shows the flow rate measured by a flow meter. Key features of flow meter displays:

  • They are connected to flow meters like turbine, magnetic, ultrasonic, etc. to display the flow reading.
  • Displays can be analog or digital. Analog displays use a needle dial while digital displays show numeric flow units.
  • Displays are available as integral parts of flow meters or as separate mountable units.
  • Displays can show the instantaneous flow rate, totalized flow over time, flow velocity, temperature, etc. depending on flow meter output.
  • Digital displays have capabilities like totalizers, batch controllers, alarm setpoints, data logging, communication interfaces.
  • Indicator displays are simple read-outs. Transmitter displays offer analog or digital outputs to interface with control systems.
  • Displays allow local reading of flow. Remote transmission via 4-20mA, fieldbus networks, wireless I/O is also possible.
  • Intrinsically safe displays certified for hazardous areas are available for gases, vapors applications.
  • Proper sizing, installation and calibration is necessary to match display with flow meter characteristics.
  • Overall, flow meter displays allow convenient reading of flow rate and totalized flow for monitoring and control. Advanced displays offer data logging, batch control and system integration capabilities.