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Flow Switches

A flow switch is a device that detects the presence or absence of flow, and actuates an electrical switch in response. Some key points about flow switches:

  • They contain an flow-sensing element that monitors the flow rate, and an electrical switch which changes state based on flow.
  • Common flow sensing technologies include paddle wheels, turbine blades, target flow meters, differential pressure units.
  • When flow is detected, the electrical switch closes its contacts. When flow stops, the switch opens its contacts.
  • The opening/closing of contacts is used to control pumps, valves, alarms, indicators, etc. This allows automation based on flow.
  • Flow switches provide highly reliable on/off control. But they do not give proportional flow measurements.
  • They are used to detect no-flow conditions, flow/no-flow control, overflows, dry pipe detection, pump protection, batch control.
  • Flow switches are available for liquids, gases, steam service. Explosion-proof versions available for hazardous areas.
  • Setpoint adjustment allows setting the flow rate at which the switch activates.
  • Overall, flow switches provide simple and cost-effective flow detection for batching, pump control, safety monitoring applications.