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Metri IC-LPS Flow Switch

Metri Measurements made in britain

The Metri IC-LPS Flow Switch Series is designed to deliver a simple, robust and reliable adjustable flow switch that provides visual indication of alarm signals when the flow rate rises and falls past a set point.

The Metri LPS flow switch module can accept signals from a range of Metri products including the IC-IPM? and the IC-LTM Turbine flow meters.

The switch can be fitted locally or remotely for higher temperature applications. Metri flow sensors offer users the flexibility of adjustment over a wide flow range from 10:1 (eg. 15-50 l/min) up to 30:1 and a wide temperature range.

The enclosure can be mounted either local to or remotely from the flow meter, providing flexibility particularly where used in hard to reach areas.

Metri IC-LPS Flow Switch Features:

  • Compact
  • Easy to set-up
  • Fast response visual alarm
  • Wide pressure range
  • 304 stainless steel body as standard other materials available
  • Stainless Steel rotor with tungsten carbide shaft and sapphire bearings
  • High turndown ratio up to 30:1
  • A range of process connections available
  • Wide temperature range from -40 up to 350°C
  • Suitable for use with chemicals, clean water, fuel and oil


  • Machine Coolant flow monitoring
  • Hydraulic flow circuits
  • RO Water flow monitoring systems
  • Coolant flow monitoring
  • High pressure water flow systems
  • High temperature thermal flow system

Metri IC-LPS Flow Switch – Specification:

The Metri IC-LPS Flow Switch series is robust and reliable adjustable flow switch.

Pipe SizeDN15 – DN50
Material BodyStainless steel (304), (316 optional)
Flow Range0.5 – 1200 l/min
Operating Temp Range-40°C to 350°C
Pressure RangeUp to 100 bar available
Insertion / InlineInline
Fluid TypeLiquids
Applicable LiquidsWater, chemicals, hydrocarbons, mineral oils and alcohols
Power24 VDC
ApprovalsATEX, IECEx
Connection TypeBSPP (Female), PN, ANSI, NPT (Female), flanged, RJT, Tri-clamp
CalibrationThis product can be calibrated for 5 or 10 point, to maintain the optimum accuracy this product needs to be recalibrated annually.

Easy Set-up

High turndown ratio

Wide pressure/temp range


CE and EX Flow Meter Approvals

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