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Metri IC-FMS Flow Monitor

Metri Measurements made in britain

Designed for use with liquids, the Metri IC-FMS Flow Monitor builds on the success of the LPM.  Featuring rugged radial turbine flow technology with a simple local display transmitter and switch.

The FMS Flow Monitor was designed with ease of use and functionality in mind.  It employs a simple user friendly interface for analog output with configuration for High / Low alarm setpoint at specific flow rates. The FMS is housed in a rugged stainless-steel body and enclosure with toughened glass screen. IP67 rated the display has a 36mm x 28mm backlit LCD screen and 2 x 10 characters of text which provides users with flowrate and totalisation indication. The display also flashes when the alarm set point is exceeded for easy visual alarm / fault indication.

The FMS is ideal for a wide range of general purpose, medical and industrial applications where stainless steel wetted parts are acceptable and  good repeatability accuracy are essential. Designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind this high quality flow sensor can be configured with a variety of connection types, at pressure to 100 Bar and temperature to 350 deg C. Further customisation is possible, consult our engineers for further details on options.

Metri IC-FMS Flow Monitor Features:

  • Stainless steel wetted parts and housing
  • Visual indication of flowrate & alarm
  • Compatible with clean and partially contaminated liquids
  • 4-20mA analogue output
  • Alarm output
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Resettable totalizer
  • High Pressure range
  • High Temperature range
  • Custom versions available for OEM’s
  • IP67 Rating

Common applications

  • Water cooling systems * DI / RO water circuits * Thermal heating systems
  • Fuel Monitoring systems
  • Hydraulic oil / Filtration systems
  • Food / water batching
  • Building management systems
  • Steam condensate monitoring
  • HVAC application * Research and development  test rigs.

Metri IC-FMS Flow Monitor – Specification:

Metri IC-FMS Flow Monitor is a rugged, accurate, reliable flow meter..

Nominal sizeDN15, DN20, DN25, DN40, DN50
Process connectionBSPP (parallel) and BSPT (taper) female threaded, DIN and ANSI flanged; other on request eg PNXX, ti-clamp, NPT, RJT
Flange ratingPN 16, 40, 100 (BS EN 1092-1); ANSI 150, 300, 600 RF (ANSI B16.5)
CompatibilitySolids, free and partially contaminated liquids including water, chemicals, hydrocarbons, mineral oils, alcohols
Flow range05.5 to 1200 l/min, various range
Operating temperatureCompact mount temps: -40 to 65°C (Standard)
Remote medium and high temps: -40 to 350°C
Max operating pressureAll threaded bodies: Higher pressure rating on request up to 100Bar (higher pressure optional)
Flanged bodies: depends on flange rating and operating temperature range
Frequency range25-750 Hz
Pressure dropVaries with size, typically less than 125 mbar at maximum flow rate (standard ranges without flow restrictor)
Linearity±0.5% FSD
Repeatability±0.1% of reading
MaterialsBody: 304 stainless steel (standard); 316 (optional); other materials available on request
Rotor: 431 stainless steel
Rotor shaft: Tungsten carbide; other materials on request
Bearings: Tungsten carbide and jewel bearings (standard and medium temperature); stainless steel ball race (high temperature)
O-ring: Buna N (standard); Viton (optional)
FMS electrical specificationNominal supply voltage: 24VDC, (Galvanic Isolation from the supply is critically important)
Load current:60mA
Frequency range:30 – 3Khz
Output4-20mA analogue output, high/low alarm
Relay contact ratingRelay – SPST-NO: Voltage free contacts or internal link to 24VDC
Maximum voltage switching: 24 VDC
Maximum current switching: Milliamps – 500mA
Maximum current carry: 1200mA
Note: A fuse is recommended that is rated suitably for the rating of the load.
CalibrationThis product can be calibrated at 3 points. To maintain the optimum accuracy this product needs to be recalibrated annually. 

Local or Remote Flowrate Totaliser

4-20mA Analogue Output

Low / High Alarm Output

Backlit LCD Display

Easy to Install

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