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Flow Meter Calibration

Our calibration service helps you maintain your confidence in the performance of your flow meter and is traceable to national standards.

Correct calibration is vital to ensure accurate measurement, and accurate measurement is fundamental to the quality and safety of most products and services, it will help you to meet industry standards and it can also give you improvements in productivity and efficiency.

Scheduled calibration gives you confidence in the accuracy of your flow meter measurement but the performance of even the most rugged flow meter can vary in time due to wear tear.

Re-calibration is also advised if the device is subject to misuse or damage.

Regular calibration also provides you with a performance history of your flow meter. This can be used to establish confidence in the continued performance of your device between scheduled calibrations.

 We use a small volume piston prover for flow meter calibration at iCenta. This device was designed and built by iCenta alongside industry specialist, with software and electronics developed in house.  The operation of this device is fundamentally based on the displacement due to a piston within a precisely machined cylinder and the speed at which the piston travels.

A piston prover like the ICENTA SVP250 can also be used as primary standard due to its high accuracy and traceable to fundamental physical quantities and constants.

Every flow meter manufactured is calibrated under stringent conditions providing optimum calibration and performance introduced into you process.

On receipt of your flow meter, we evaluate the condition (inspecting the equipment for visible signs of damage to things like rotor sensors, electrodes and electronics), measure the flow rate of the instrument, compile a report and provide a quotation to calibrate and, if necessary adjust and repair the instrument.

The instrument is returned with a calibration / test report with your choice of measurement points (normally between 3-10 points) with several repeats.

Our small volume prover is capable of measuring a variety of liquid viscosities from 0.6 – 100 m²/s (Cst) with flow ranges from 12 ml/min to 1200 l/min with a typical 0.04% accuracy.

The SVP can measure several fluids (but not limited to):

For high flow ranges of water/conductive fluids we are able to offer our gravimetric flow calibrator up to flow ranges circa 300 m³/hr.

The liquid calibration range we offer is:

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

A short notice Emergency calibration service is also available, normally within 24 hours depending on current workload.

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