Flow Meters manufactured in Britain
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Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance and servicing is vitally important to keep your flow and/or level instrumentation in perfect working order. A well maintained flow or level instrument can save not only the cost of purchasing new equipment but the time and resources involved in making the purchase.

Peace of mind

Metri Measurements products are manufactured in the UK to the highest of standards. Our products are all shipped perfectly calibrated to your individual requirements but continual usage creates natural weathering. A simple service will provide you with the peace of mind that your instrumentation will continue to perform accurately everytime.

In-situ or at our facility

Servicing can take place with the instrumentation as seen in-situ or as shipped if returned to Metri Measurements. The flow or level instrument will be inspected, cleaned and tested. The findings are then reported back to the customer together with recommendations. Customers can then specify what action they would like taken, which may include re-calibration.

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