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Turbine Flow Meters Manufactured in the UK


What are Turbine Flow Meters?

Metri Measurements turbine flow meters are a type of inferential flow meter that are based on the principle of an axial turbine rotor spinning within a fluid flow stream. The fluid flow measurement is determined by how fast the rotor blades spins in response to the velocity of the fluid moving through the pipe.

Our LTM Turbine flow meters consist of a single rotor, bearings, supports and a housing through which the fluid flows. The rotor can freely rotate on its bearings and does so as fluid flows through the meter. The rotor is magnetic and, as it rotates, a small mV signal is generated by each of the blades as it passes the pickup sensor. The frequency of these signals is proportional to the fluid velocity.

Amplification of the signal is often required for easier integration with receiving instruments PLC’s or displays. This signal can be converted into a pulsed (NPN /PNP) or Analogue (4-20mA) output. Communication options include Modbus, Canbus, Profibus or Hart.

Turbine flow meters are widely selected for use in various industrial applications as they are robust, durable, reliable, accurate, low maintenance and simple in design.

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Some Features of our Turbine Flowmeter

  • Flow ranges: 2 to 9000 l/min
  • Sizes: DN12 to DN150 (other sizes available on request)
  • Operating Temperature Range: –196 to +350°C (Standard up to 230°C )
  • Operating Pressure: up to 1380 Bar (Standard up to 250Bar )
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.25% of reading (Standard +/- 0.5 -1% of reading)
  • Certification: UKCA/CE/ATEX/IECEX
Metri ISO and UKAS Approval
CE and EX Flow Meter Approvals
Turbine Flow Meters on Box

Metri Measurements supply flowmeters to some of the largest companies in the world

Turbine Flowmeter Applications

Turbine flow meters are commonly used in applications such as water, fuel, and chemical flow measurement. They are typically used for measuring liquids but can be used for gas measurement as well. Turbine meters are valued for their high accuracy, durability, and reliability.

They have relatively low pressure drop, therefore can be used to measure the flow of fluids with low viscosity or low flow rates. However, they can be sensitive to changes in fluid viscosity, and impurities or debris in the fluid can damage the turbine blades or bearings.

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Selected Turbine Flowmeters

Flow Meter Calibration

Over the course of a flow meters lifetime it is recommended to be calibrated at regular intervals to maintain best accuracy. Without re-calibration, the accuracy of the meter can drift resulting in poor repeat-ability measurements and general under-performance which could affect your process and product quality.

The Metri Measurements UKAS traceable calibration service helps you maintain your standards. On receipt of your flow meter, we evaluate the condition (inspecting the equipment for visible signs of damage to rotor sensors, electrodes and electronics), measure the flow rate of the instrument, compile a report and provide a quotation to calibrate and if necessary adjust and repair the instrument. The instrument is returned with a calibration / test report with your choice of measurement points normally 3-10 with several repeats.

Our small volume prover (SVP 250) is capable of measuring a variety of liquid viscosities from 0.6 – 100 m²/s (Cst) with flow ranges from 12 ml/min to 1500 l/min with a typical 0.04% accuracy.

The SVP can measure several fluids (but not limited to):

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Metri Calibration Certificate

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