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Metri IC-BF Wafer Pattern (Between Flange) Turbine Flow Meter

Metri Measurements made in britain

The Metri IC-BF Wafer Pattern Turbine Flow Meter is precision engineered, repeatable and robust.

The IC-BF Wafer Turbine Flow Meter is manufactured from  solid materials (no casting) resulting in an extremely high-quality instrument with a long in-service life

IC-BF turbine flow meters are calibrated using either 3, 5 or 10 points as standard but other points are available upon request.

Typical liquid installations include:

  • Chemical
  • Clean Water
  • Fuel & Oil

Metri IC-BF Wafer Turbine Flow Meter Features:

  • ANSI connection
  • Solid stainless-steel construction
  • Compact or remote installation
  • A range of display and output options
  • ATEX option available

Metri IC-BF Wafer Turbine Flow Meter – Specification:

The Metri IC-BF Wafer Turbine Flow Meter is accurate and highly reliable across a wide range of liquid types and applications.

Pipe Size DN 25-80 (25mm – 80mm)
Material BodyStainless Steel 316
Flow Range19  – 3405 l/min
Repeatability± 0.1%
Operating Temp Range -101 to + 232 Deg C
Pressure Range Up to 3705 psi
Output/display Pulse / selection of safe ATEX/Exd options
Insertion / Inline Inline
Fluid Type Clean/semi clean liquids
Applicable Liquids Water, Fuel, Oil, Chemicals
Linearity± 0.25%
Approvals CE, ATEX, Instrinsically safe, Exd, Exia, CSA
Connection Type ANSI
CalibrationThis product can be calibrated for 3, 5 or 10 point, to maintain the optimum accuracy this product needs to be recalibrated annually. 

Accurate, Long-term Reliability

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Excellent Repeatability

Easy to Install


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